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Burning Man and the evolutionary principal


truth is beauty

After a meteorologically and sociologically intense week working at the airport, helping to build out the framework of the city before the event “begins,” the collective switch is thrown that last Sunday of August, and the living beauty emerges, fleshing out the body of Black Rock City like a complex luminescent bloom on some other worldly plane. The wild and magical kingdom arises out of the dust once more, with more than one jolt of lightening, coming alive with wonder and excitement, not so very unlike Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein…

It’s 2013 and my 1st “early arrival” of 9 burns since 1998. A lot has changed in this time, yet Burning Man remains one of the greatest expressions of human creativity, play, ingenuity and celebration of life, love and art on the planet today. Perhaps not for the faint, but wild of heart and free of spirit (or maybe just lunatic.) Read More

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It’s official

nik-TMy new Naturopathic doctor said “Dude, (okay, she didn’t say ‘dude’) your Testosterone, T3 and Dhea levels are way lo-ow – ya need ta eat more meat boy” and then she spat a splooge of tobacco juice into a can by her desk with a pth-twang and eyed me all, like, this is America boy… Read More

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Demeter in Paris



by Meghan O’Rourke

You can only miss someone when they are present to you.
The Isle of the Dead is both dark and light.
Henry Miller told Anaïs Nin that the only real death is being dead while alive.
The absent will only be absent when they are forgotten.
Until then, absence is a lie, an oxymoron. Read More

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Burning Man Dictionary

BurnerDictionarycontributions to the upcoming Burner Dictionary (see Get Lit(erary) at Burning Man group on FB for more on the “Dizionario Autentica”)

  • reality vortex
    n. physics. the phenomenon created when the intentional gathering of a critical mass of free spirits causes a gravitational warp in “reality” as defined by those external to the sphere of influence of this vortex (see Playasphere)
  • playafication: the threshold crossed when a person becomes no longer distinguishable from the surrounding playascape due to a critical exposure to playa dust. Typically attained after being caught in a dust storm, or stepping off an art car whilst not in body (see “playcked“) Read More
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12 great short story podcasts

speaker-icon-volumeyes, hand picked from an endless mire of narcoleptic short story podcasts, here’s a handful that stand out in their class. First a literary few for the discerning, then an irreverent bunch for the wicked (and discerning.) Download, or listen in here ya hear?

From The London Review of Books.

1) Perform Small Tasks and Removal Men

by Diane Williams, read by the author. 

This 1st story offers an oblique, tongue in cheek references to relationship (self, lover, parents.) It is tangential in an abstract poetic way. The author’s reading is animated, bringing innuendo and character to life.

Read More

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Diving Off The Map

Turneffe atoll, BelizeI have a clear visual dropping down over Kris silently, head down, fins up, gyrating through the vast body of blue light in a cool calculated descent, until facing the hapless officer upside down and presenting her with the instrument of her elimination, while still below us, the great reef wall reaches off into the twilight of visibility and down into the crushing depths.

It’s January 1998. We’re camped at Calabash cay, a remote marine research station on the eastern rim of Turneffe atoll, 51km off the coast of Belize – a group of biologically divers sand and mangrove islands and cays, lagoons, lush seagrass beds, all surrounded and protected by a living coral reef ring. An exquisite and complex jewel of life in the middle of the Caribbean. Your archetypal desert island… Read More

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The lady

Alright, I’m a bit out of touch, so I was looking up a celeb name for the chicken who laid my breakfast, and came across Lady Gaga – heard the name of course, but no idea who the fuck she is so I check out this great music vid – and there’s class there, art and ironic melancholy – Beethoven’s lovely Pathétique even! And then of course she starts singing the same old over-produced crap every pop singer has been singing since the dawn of crap – lovely voice though. And the bitch of it is, Read More

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