Posted on April 26, 2008 by Nik

Norman Foster: Building on the green agenda

High tech, high profile design presentation at TED

I’ve posted some commentary below from the TED post (linked above) on the flavour packed question that arises when discussing celebrity architects and architecture. I would add that building and design for the less priviledged is another arena addressed by different designers, technologies, organizations and plain old folks in the field of life, some of which you will find here in the links and under the green / eco / design category.

Jared Carlson – June 10 2008

How does Norman Foster’s green agenda relate to the homeless or those in poverty? Money is needed to build and enjoy this green agenda, but there are those who do not have that money. Will this agenda only be for that class that can afford it and no one else? These and other question must be looked at or Norman Foster is just another dreamer with a grand plan for himself and no other..

Denisse Prado – June 27 2008

Jared – dreams are good if you dont dream then u gave up. in terms of poverty, well everything is relative and new technology its always down the block from us. If something is not affordable now, at one point it will. to answer your question yes, a person w/o money might not be able to enjoy his own “green” home, but this is this is when he talks about “green agenda,” buildings being part of nature; then your homeless person will not be enjoying it in a micro aspect but on the macro aspect.

Lets built on a green agenda !.

Philip Bussey – July 3 2008

One of the major ideas behind the ‘green’ movement is that it decentralizes energy production to a more local level. In theory this will create more jobs and money for emerging economies..