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Posted on May 16, 2019 by Nik

Extinction, Rebellion, or Obsolescence: A peer to peer platform to redefine humanity’s greatest challenge – itself!

The idea of arresting increasing climate related disaster was recently taken up by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement in the UK. XR represent a confrontational if disruptive demand to hold government accountable for the denial or dallying of their roles in practices shown to disrupt climate stability. Greenpeace, NRDC, and countless other environmental and humanitarian Read More

Posted on August 24, 2009 by Nik

Green Graffiti !

“Guerrilla gardening and street art come together in this recipe for green mayhem. Get out there and spread some spores!” Adbusters Ingredients: -1 can of beer (or 12 oz yoghurt) -1/2 tsp sugar -Several clumps of garden moss (found in damp, shady places) 1. Rip the moss into small chunks, blend with sugar and beer Read More

Posted on May 9, 2009 by Nik

Living Walls, House Plants and IAQ

While we all known plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis, NASA’s 1989 study showed that many houseplants also remove harmful elements such as amonia, trichloroethylene, benzene, and formaldehyde from the air – how elegant is that!? In researching how to create a breathable environment for NASA orbiting space stations, scientist Dr. Bill Wolverton Read More

Posted on October 4, 2008 by Nik

global fuel needs met by algae, not food crops for fuck’s sake.

Obviously using food crops for fuel is a phenomenally stupid idea that could only be born of the rapacious corporate mind for profit before humanity. An effective solution to the issue of using vegetable oils for diesel fuel is exemplified in this eye opening video on prolific algae farmed fuel oil production (though of course Read More

Posted on June 8, 2008 by Nik

Burning Man and A Pattern Language

A Pattern Language is the seminal work of architect Christopher Alexander et al. describing a functional system to meet humanistic needs in the design of buildings, the urban environment and vital community. Pattern number 58 “Carnival” is a prescient and perfect description of what has organically arisen as the ephemeral Black Rock City – otherwise Read More

Posted on April 28, 2008 by Nik

Between the lines at EcoCity 2008

Returning from the EcoCity conference in SFO, flying the presentations in left brain** “technician” caffeine overdrive, certainly coming away with valuable tools and information, but what I really came away with, after some initial inner unhinging, was inspiration, motivation, wonder and ever renewed faith. Tadaaa! …

Posted on April 26, 2008 by Nik

Norman Foster: Building on the green agenda

High tech, high profile design presentation at TED I’ve posted some commentary below from the TED post (linked above) on the flavour packed question that arises when discussing celebrity architects and architecture. I would add that building and design for the less priviledged is another arena addressed by different designers, technologies, organizations and plain old Read More