Posted on April 28, 2008 by Nik

Between the lines at EcoCity 2008

Returning from the EcoCity conference in SFO, flying the presentations in left brain** “technician” caffeine overdrive, certainly coming away with valuable tools and information, but what I really came away with, after some initial inner unhinging, was inspiration, motivation, wonder and ever renewed faith. Tadaaa! …

As the technician, glossing over the Religion and Ecological Communities presentation [as not useful] it wasn’t till Lalit Bhati’s presentation on Auroville (I visited those hallowed grounds in the 90’s) where Lalit mentioned the honour of having moderated the preceding Religion / Ecology forum that I re-cognized that was the One I absolutely should have attended because it explicitly addresses the heart of this work and indeed The Movement as a whole

This cognition was actually born of a presentation by Evon Peter on Indigenous Perspectives at the phenomenal Bioneers conference in 2007 where it became clear to me that true intelligence and “right decisions” can not be made with intellect alone. That divorced from the beneficent, heart-connected motive in conscious evolution, design, development and movements or decisions of any kind, our actions can only be couched in incomplete ideologies and/or personal gain or recognition which imply a dysfunctional divorce (as in cast out from The Garden!) from unity – the global oneness of it all – you and me baby its all connected – get it?

This re-cognition was also facilitated by the other non left-brain experience for me at the conference – the Musical Ecology workshop. Between arcane extrapolations of vibration and cosmos, Mark Deutsch explored overtones on his modified upright base – the Bazantar, which left me all aquiver, brain in alpha state. I bought his CD – a sublime recording. I have no doubt that if all designers and planners, apart from anyone else, worked whilst being informed by such music of the spheres – we’d live in a very different world!!

Thus, one way or the other, we ride the crest of the wave that must inevitably transform our world. May the force be with you.
Un abrazo! hermanos!

** for an extraordinary perception of left / right brain function and consciousness see: experiencing the numinous