Posted on March 18, 2013 by Nik

The lady

Alright, I’m a bit out of touch, so I was looking up a celeb name for the chicken who laid my breakfast, and came across Lady Gaga – heard the name of course, but no idea who the fuck she is so I check out this great music vid – and there’s class there, art and ironic melancholy – Beethoven’s lovely Pathétique even! And then of course she starts singing the same old over-produced crap every pop singer has been singing since the dawn of crap – lovely voice though. And the bitch of it is, by the end of the vid, I caught myself singing along “gonna marry the niii-ight, ahaa-aa-a!”

Fuck. Still – I found the name I was  looking for.

Here’s the fun vid [click main title above if you don’t see player below]