Posted on September 4, 2018 by Nik

1 minute readDesire

What’s not to love about a little love poem ; )

impatiently to savour 
the smokey taste 
tobacco wine chocolate dark 
traveller’s lips upon mine softly
once more to hear that husky voice 
chattering like water coursing across
mossy mountain rocks singing 
the delirious song of being 
into my soul under my skin waiting
to feel her feather weight sinking, 
softly into me, darkened 
satin Samarkand silk
smiling face beaming back radiant as 
the kissing sun
come home, from your far lands 
to this cool place where
we can dream a little longer
of blazing azure bays, and 
know succulent union as 
the warm stone, at the heart
of summer sweetened fruit.