Posted on March 2, 2006 by Nik

Letters from a fool

Feb 06: Baja California Sur: El Pescadero: Pacific: Desert: Brief ramblings of a fool:

I wake just before dawn, waves crashing in the distance.
Lilting cricket’s chirrup near by, slowing to a mesmerizing rhythm, beckoning the day.


atlantaUnzippa de tent and hop out into the ecstatic morning.
Atlanta comes to say hello, rub rubadee rub.

I take care of business at the bamboo palace of poo.

Ah. Coffee this morning me thinks, take a slug, a moment of reflection… and then,
in a blinding flash of inspiration – put the fucking banana in the fucking pancake mix!!

Oh baby, it’s a great day. Papaya and honey. More coffee.

ourplaceI am alone.
In the middle of a verdant oasis.

Palm trees and mangoes stretching into the hills, and in the distance the sun is just gilding the crest of the tallest peaks beyond. And She rises (may transition to He when higher and hotter.)

Big swoopy owls last night, and now a big brown eagle is turning overhead, and there’s hawks, kestrels, ospreys and magnificent frigate birds and golden orioles and great egrets flapping in lilting arcs of white and turtle doves and all the cool song birds an’ stuff. I like it here… the last frontier (in transition)

hold up, power’s low, time to pop up the panel – get some sun juice into this here powerbook…

Had a dream. Just before new moon.

I’m aware of a resonant echo… a distant chord being struck, reverberating through me. It is Consciousness – God feeling the pulse of the Earth. Measuring. It is apparent. Time for the saviour to be born. This thundering heralds the birth-reincarnation. It is good – a good omen – a good time.

I awake to a thunderstorm moving in. Flashes and vast booming echoes panning across the heavens. Rain. 4am. Hmm. Didn’t set up for rain.

Lots of other cool dreams, mostly about sex…

Anyway, look busy, the Messiah is coming.

Oh yes. Work. Working. Herding cats – trying to learn a new cultural language and tongue. Hey, my Spanish is OK, but what these local folk speak is beyond me – and then trying to read between the lines of the words and vernacular to interpret the thinking – few logical correlations – herding cats, trying to get permissions from local (Ejido) council of water – gotta let go I realize. Trust – it will come to me! It will come!

And what an immense relief to be out of the inescapable (whilst there) consumer frenzy of N. California life.
Time. and Space. Ah.
It will come.
Meanwhile, softly softly pursuing, studying sacred geometry and the genius loci. The night sky. The crescent moon. My life. Love…

And love is a yearning of the one for the one
And beauty a sweet difference of the same
And oneness is the soul of the multitude

That 1st line (Sri Aurobindo – far out dude) – the yearning. That’s it. That’s what I’ve been missing the last years. Lost contact with that visceral draw. Been wound up in everyday living for so long – dueling dualities, material manifestations.

A yearning of the one for the One.
Imperfect human love, searching for perfect Christ love. Connection with the divine. Ratios of phi in squaring the circle, stages of evolution, the flower of life – have to say, this sacred geometry is really very, very cool!
Gotta go. Measure contours, get pipe, find some folks, fish tacos. Beach. Dog. Ya know.
More soon if elicitedvitruvianman

Love always


“Do not adjust your mind- it is reality that is malfunctioning”
– Robert Anton Wilson-
The Vitruvian Man… Vitruvius – Leonardo’s 1400 year elder mentor