Posted on March 1, 2006 by Nik

an echoe from the shore

Pescadero. Baja California Sur.

All she wants is for me to give her my love
and she will give me the Moon.
How could she not become the Radiant Goddess.
The Ocean and tides.
How could any woman not bloom, in Love
like a cactus flower, under the desert moon
their beauty born the moment beheld
by the undivided self.

And I don’t know how to let go.
I find myself clinging fiercely to the rocks, indignant
And the waves are lapping at my shores

let me carry you my love
and I will rise and fall with you,
like the pulsing of your soul,
like the rhythms of your heart
the sun and the moon
come with me my love
be free.

I hold tighter! Terrified of (my) life
Love’s dazzling light.
let go a whisper of the night
be free an echo from the shore
I love you the sirens in the mist
become fainter
as the years go sailing by.