Posted on November 11, 2013 by Nik

Veteran’s day?

Dulce et decorem est pro patria mori.warrior

Oh yeah – that Hallmark holiday where we pay lip service to the duped warriors of the nation sent out as fodder to feed the military industrial complex and protect corporate interests at large (America – global arms dealer #1, America – consumer of oil #1, hmmm)

Yet the returning warriors or their remaining families, instead of being honored and supported in a meaningful way for their sacrifice of limb and life and sanity – it not being humanly possible to withstand exposure to such atrocities and remain un-haunted, are found as alcoholics panhandling downtown and we give em a dollar on veterans day to assuage the national guilt.

Government, whichever candy colored flavor is elect, is not doing a good job of governance. Taking care of the nations people – honest mental and physical health instead of these bogus bait and switch shenanigans such as obamafuckoffcare – gimme a break.

It falls to the people – you and me and the work of people like Edward Tick, to pick up the pieces – Wake Up America! We are still at war!!!

… this is mid way through the 3rd part of a poignant talk, cutting to the cause, but worth backtracking to pt 1 for context and meaning to be sure…


Oh – and if that doesn’t do it for ya – this oughta!