Posted on August 2, 2016 by Nik

1 minute readsaved by beauty

Our one world will be saved by beauty
when we remember how to see
with the eyes of a child
into the golden heart of every living thing.

We will feel deeply
the earthly memories
etched into the mountains of home
the forgetfulness in the oceans heave, the forgiving

even the resilient oak,Trinity Connection with Creator by Olga Kuczer
resisting great winds and time, falls
to the wisdom of ages…

and thus we stand
with the aching of our souls
to behold the wondrous stellar nights

and before us now
and at every moment dancing

beneath the obscure shroud of
indignant hype, and mercurial spin

the simple saving grace

of a bird or a bloom or the heart
behind the eyes of an adversary, who
will be none other than our own shadow
dancing in anguish, waiting to be seen…