Posted on February 10, 2010 by Nik


by some curious twist of unsanity, music – the very thing that 1st moved in my otherwise numbed teenage sensate body,  hours spent lying on the floor, head phones on, deep in sound space, moved to tears – melancholy and joy (Bruch/Beethoven) in a way not possible among other mortals – or moved by the formative yearnings of raw rhythm, blues,

the later more sexual soul years

and the initiation into electronica (early 90’s, Tokyo, underground Trance scene) lilting spheres of unrestrained architectonic sound

yet how did this become the most neglected of pursuits today, taking second place as background whilst multitasking. I mean – when did you last immerse yourself for hours uninterrupted, in music,  eyes closed, carried…

my own musical expression has been relegated to just another project until recently,  keyboard, flute, voice, and digital production pursuits got bursts of attention from time to time, but never made it to fruition and the light of day – until today! So listen up – there’s music in the works…

And maybe very soon (as I learn to love myself fully in each moment, yes indeedy) music will again, take it’s rightful place in the forefront of my relationship with the divine.

Meanwhile, here’s a few odd musings and collections in the music category .