Posted on February 23, 2011 by Nik

mid east revolutions and err, democracy?

Gene Sharp, Author of the influential Nonviolent Revolution Rulebook (more here) suggests that as people develop techniques for withholding consent peacefully, regimes will crumble. This must be true whether dictatorship or western “democratic” oligarchies. So don’t vote, it only encourages the bastards – arguably a privileged notion but democracy is a failed system as there is only one party in reality, the money party, with 2 lame factions in the case of  USA, 3 in the UK last time I looked.

By dialoguing, thinking for ourselves, we begin to understand that centralized power has never served “the people”. Our values must always remain in serving and supporting one another – not the banks and corporations who serve themselves only. The de facto wielders of political power now are not any “government” anyway. Government seems more and more a puppet of the amorphous global financial power and sway of corporation. Whilst the old school despots go up in flames, the new ones are doing the two step to the corporations bidding. Lets see who steps in to claim the oil wealth in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and the relationships behind them.

Fact will remain that until we give up our oil addiction by choice – yours and mine – we are all responsible for supporting all these mother fuckers whether they are in your country or my country. [Rant Alert] We support all of this by voting with our choices. Living responsibly within our means is the only honest answer. Subsidised goods – oil, plastic, petrochemical fertilizers in food we eat, mineral resources in our buildings and electronics, human rights abuses that support subsidised products at the expense of the disenfranchised – for pseudo self aggrandisement in the shopping mall – consumerism spearheaded by credit card companies and the multi headed corporate beast.

We must continue to ask ourselves – what do we really need? What do we really want? And then vote with our thoughtful and caring choices – not responding to impulse and subliminal coercion. This is revolution, in support of the freedom of people everywhere, to say nothing of the planet we live on!

As I see it, wistfully or not, this all amounts to a continued quickening of global “transitions” – pivotal moments in history –  an ongoing evolution of consciousness on a global, generational scale. Information is empowering the individual and the collective consciousness and this is it’s time. Time to wake up!