Posted on July 17, 2013 by Nik

It’s official

nik-TMy new Naturopathic doctor said “Dude!” as she rolled up her sleeves, “your Testosterone, T3 and Dhea levels are way lo-ow – ya need ta eat more meat boy,” and then she spat a splooge of tobacco juice into a can by her desk with a pth-twang and eyed me all, like, this is America boy…

So I’m on hormone drugs now and (to all my sensitive English / vegetarian friends) I think it only fare to warn you I may be leaving the ranks of the SNAG you thought you knew, and becoming a testosterone pumped, red blooded, hootenannyin’ carnivore. No more the shrinking omnivorous quasi vegetarian. I mean, after we went through all the lab-work last night, I went hunting for Buffalo, like she said, in Wholefools (though the Monterey branch sucks like my old man without his teeth in, they did have a bit of grass fed buffalo.) Just had me some for breakfast – added wild herbs from the garden and other good stuff, and dang it if, while sitting under my shade tree, scarfing juicy buffalo burger and horseradish, the Grateful Dead doesn’t come on the radio, loud through my big ol’ floor speakers, and it just felt right ya know, and they was echoin’, “Casey Jones, drivin’ that train, high on…” caffeine… and all across the valley below the cows are roaming the pastures. Think I’m gonna go rustlin’ tonight – full moon – ya hear!