Posted on January 5, 2015 by Nik

Invitation of the Ancients

Lithe bodied,  we dance tall
swaying arcs of verdure leaning
into curved mists of space and aeons
as heaving earth-body
pulsing in tune,  exultant
sun,  sultry moon
we sink our roots,  feeling
deep around you,  and swirl
with wind,  and stars reaching,  we rise

upon the long song,  of creation.


Rudolph Koppitz, 1926 Bewegungsstudie (Movement Study)

We spring and bow and snap and kneel and kiss the ground
as one our breath contracts, expands, over ages, and you

of late are given, to fell us and you, in swaths expletive yet
our spirit will, not falter and we, will love you always and, just the same

your small history, we embrace, holding
the interstices of living, deep mother, silent, patient, waiting

for you to join us, in the forest

we dance.