Posted on September 16, 2014 by Nik
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tree of life-light

Half moon waxing or is she waning did I lose my sight

heaving moon half dark half heavy moon light

pulling at this floundering soul one long or lonely night

and somewhere peers an owl west or east at the speckled sky
sitting naked up-on the roof lanky cat and I
as from the north blows in a wind 

measured and chill along a sound
magnetic light dappled tripping over hollow ground
boundaries shifting contrast trails across this fractious skin

is consciousness outside of mind, or contained within?
Passing through me gutters spirit and I am unwound
lichen trails leafy masked naked feathered madness growls

self portrait

self portrait

wild eyes steady piercing, mid lofty gnarled tree limb
primal shrouded fleeting as the furtive wind

and in its wake a querulous question in the half life of time
listening through the voices for the silent one within
the true guiding voice mid the hollow din

of fathers fears success and peers and pride all wounded shadows past
of love and laughter lost what lasts seems falling with the leaves

dark my night but lighter still, naked in the trees.


And the owl who knows knows I know but where these feathers fall
in darkest hours I can not say though hear the shadow’s call

there is a howl a howl a hollow howl surrendered to the fall
I howl a howl a doleful yowl before the coming dawn

there is no blame but scoured silent air, no light now yet silvered, quiet despair
yet shackles shattered in time permit, escape beyond this fathomless pit

for what shame in madness and unapologetic truth
what love ever lost yet freeing in the breeze

nought but fear lows, fading in the trees
and who can know divinity’s call

but for courage to be still and listen deep
for truth buried in the heart of darkness’ keep

for love for life for ever birthing
there is no other yet self embrace

give me voice to shout, up to heavens high, else
what is the calling but to write I write, I write

reaching, riding fading echoes of mid night

and turning sideways into light, belaboured ghosts vanish on a wing
and burdens past begin to lighten, and my heart begins to sing!

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