Posted on December 20, 2013 by Nik

cupid on the wing


Edward Burne-Jones: Cupid Finding Psyche, 1865

As a moon struck writer and mad surfer of consciousness, it  surprised me how insightful and self reflective a tool okcupid turns out to be! An intelligent and compelling, new(ish) paradigm of social networking for potential lovers, whether casual shag or serious spouse! We’re all looking for a potential mate at times and I have indeed met some unique and wonderful persons, shagged a few in fact, and fallen in love at least once (unrequited) …

And on the quest for knowing and loving self and other, I find myself re-answering probing and compelling questions (amidst the inane) and taking intriguing tests (amongst the lame) about the most intimate nature of my being – all the while having to check motive and the inclination to market self as I imagine others might want to find me. Thus we have the opportunity to say no, no, no, and lean towards authenticity and liberation – this is what and who I really am, true self exposed, no shame, no euphemistic leaning, no fuzzy pictures.

And, as a declaration against that residual shame inherited from (my) family/society – the stigma around sex, intimacy, love, vulnerability, aloneness; and the notions of privacy and censorship, I chose to make my profile public. That doesn’t mean I might not be a lascivious, licentious Scorpio carpet muncher, necessarily, or a flouncy Sensitive New Age Guy even, it just means I have nothing to hide!