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2 minute read12 great short story podcasts

speaker-icon-volumeyes, hand picked from an endless mire of narcoleptic short story podcasts, here’s a handful that stand out in their class. First a literary few for the discerning, then an irreverent bunch for the wicked (and discerning.) Download, or listen in here ya hear?

From The London Review of Books.

1) Perform Small Tasks and Removal Men

by Diane Williams, read by the author. 

This 1st story offers an oblique, tongue in cheek references to relationship (self, lover, parents.) It is tangential in an abstract poetic way. The author’s reading is animated, bringing innuendo and character to life.


From The Guardian:

2) Break it Down

by Lydia Davis, read by James Salter, 



3) A Conversation With My Father

by Grace Paley, read by Ali Smith



4) Extra

by Yiyun Li, read by Rose Tremain



From The New Yorker:

5) The Point

by Charles D’Ambrosio, read by Matthew Klam



6) Able, Baker, Charlie, Dog

by Stephanie Vaughn, read by Tea Obreht



7) Brothers and Sisters Around the World

by Andrea Lee’s, read by Gary Shteyngart



From Escape Pod:

8) Follow that Cathedral!

by Gareth Owens read by Pip Ballantine



9) The First Book of Flaccid Swords

by Edward Cowan read by Bruce Busby



10) Punk Voyager

by Shaenon Garrity read by Nathaniel Lee



11) Trixie and the Pandas of Dread

by Eugie Foster read by Mur Lafferty



from the The Sexy Librarian:

12) Skin Deep by Shanna Germain
a bonus bit of bestial erotica – a kinky twist in the tale of Beauty and the Beast!
Bare with the brassy production – it’s a good story!